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5 Things To Consider For Your Next Event

tablescape 2

There are many ways to enhance the look and feel your next special event and recreate exactly what you envision for your day. With event planning it’s best to start simple. Think about what you can easily add to heighten the experience for your guests and maximize the amount of time you get to enjoy yourself.

Here are five simple things you can incorporate into a wedding, corporate event, backyard barbecue, birthday or graduation party and more to help create an unforgettable day.

Schedule a Consultation: The first step is to schedule an appointment with one of our event consultants. They can provide details on the essentials like tents, decor, lighting and sound equipment. With all the necessary skills to pull everything together, you can leave feeling confident that your event is in great hands. Having one company as a point of contact for all these features also makes it easier to manage event details (or challenges) if they arise.

We also have a showroom you can visit to get a feel for various event items, and you can schedule a full-table mock-up including your specific colors for linens, silverware and other key details. A consultation is the best way for you to make decisions about exactly what you want, and RC Special Events can offer suggestions to guide you towards what works for your tastes and budget.

Schedule a consultation as soon as possible to begin narrowing down what you want and ensure availability of the items on the day of the event.


Rental Linens, Flatware and Glassware: This is one of the best and easiest ways to keep things simple during a special event. Nothing to wash, nothing to haul around. You also have access to various styles of your choice at a fraction of the cost, allowing you to get a high-end look without the price tag.

We have heard time and time again that renting offers an ease of use that is unmatched. This is due, in part, to the convenient way we deliver and manage our products. For example, we package all the dinnerware and glassware ourselves. In addition, we do not require clients to wash the items before returning them – simply to put them back in the racks they come in and we take care of the rest.

tent picture

Tents: Tents are one of the most important features of an event. When making the decision to use a tent, first take into account the unpredictability of the weather, especially in Colorado. There are a variety of tent sizes, shapes and scales available that serve specific purposes, including shade, weather protection and a little added ambiance.

Tents also allow you to use nature as a prop. Venues do not always allow this luxury. With a tent outdoors, you are able to be creative and style a one-of-a-kind look that fits your exact vision, while still providing comfort and shelter from the elements in a way that looks polished and elegant. You can add special liners, flooring, lighting, chandeliers and other decorative elements as well as french doors, window walls, heating and air conditioning.

RC Special Events has lots of tents to choose from, including Q-peak, Pole, Frame, Clear Top, Tidewater Clearspan structure and more. An event consultant can help you decide which style of tent to use for your event.

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Lighting: Decor lighting is a fun, simple accent feature that can transform the look of an event. It can be added to any tent or venue and there are various styles to help you create the look and feel that best matches the occasion, including twinkle lights, chandeliers, bistro lights, grapevine orbs, paper lanterns and more.

Your consultant can discuss lighting with you and ensure the type of lighting you want can work in the tent or venue you’ve selected. During set-up and delivery a lighting expert will install everything you need onsite to craft your unique vision.

Sound and Power Options: In the planning phase, it’s important to think about how you are going to manage the sound and power during the an event, especially in a remote location.

To manage this aspect of event planning, ask yourself some helpful questions:

  • Do I need to rent a generator or is there a power source on site?
  • Does the venue have a sound system available or do I need to rent one?
  • What kind of system is available at the venue and is there supplemental equipment available for the DJ?
  • Does the DJ require equipment that the venue does not provide?
  • Will I be managing the music from an iPod and do I have the right type of speakers do that? Do I need equipment to play music from an iPod or laptop that I don’t own?
  • Do I need a training session from a technician for assistance working with rental equipment or help combining it with my personal equipment to ensure compatibility?

If you are in the process of planning a special event and feel overwhelmed, we can help! Tell us about the vision you have in mind and we will do what we do best – manage all the details. Working with an event planner? Connect them with us so we can collaborate to make your vision come true!

Special thanks to KJ and Rob Photography for letting us use a few photos!

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Goodbye, February! Hello, March!

We hope you all have had a wonderful February! Many of you might already know that Feb is deemed the ‘Creative Romance’ month. For reasons, like Valentine’s Day, it’s not a big stretch to see why; However, we know that every event takes creative planning and dedication and what better way to draw motivation for such a feat than looking at February – The Creative Romance Month! We think this idea of ‘Creative Romance’ can translate into planning other events all year round.

On the romantic side of things, there are so many ways to translate this idea into an everyday event. Date nights are not confined to Valentine’s Day and it is time to transcend that traditional view. Picture this, you’re planning a special date night at home for your significant other. Instead of the same kitchen table they get to see everyday, why not up the ante and rent a specialty linen and runner to enhance the creative and romantic feel. Not sure you have the creative energy that it takes for such a thing, don’t be afraid to ask for advice! Members of our creative sales team are ready to help you put together the perfect look for your special eventing.

A few tips to help with the creative process:

1. Make plans early.

Nothing is worse than realizing what you envisioned in your head is no longer possible, because the items you wanted have already been distributed to other events. Giving yourself enough time allows for that creative boost and even if you change your mind, there is still time to.

2. Go a little out of your comfort zone.

If you aren’t usually too creative, branch out and coordinate with our sales associates for a unique look that will show the time and effort put into the night you have planned.

3. Don’t limit yourself to being “romantic”.

The ideas listed above can be duplicated for any event. Don’t let our translation of ‘creative romance’ make you forget that creativity is not limited to the romantic side. Any event demands a unique touch and here at RC Special Events, we can help you find what you are looking for!

Wedding Inspiration:

If you’re looking for romantic wedding inspiration, how about considering our tidewater tent? It really is the perfect setting for the perfect wedding.


For us here at RC Special Events 2014 has been a busy two months of getting prepared for summer 2014 events as well as completing events all over Northern Colorado. A few of the highlights have been:

Winter Xgames in Aspen, CO (Jan. 23rd-25th)

We provided tents, heat, staging, lighting, and furniture for this popular event!

Our new Lava Lite Patio Heaters added a special touch to the outside lounge area in Aspen, CO and helped guests keep warm in the cold temperatures!

Pewter Carpet with lounge furniture.jpg

New for 2014: Black Leather Lounge Furniture and pewter carpet. Our modern lounge look was a hit!

The Crowds enjoying DJ Tiesto’s performance!

Polar Plunge for the Special Olympics Colorado (SOCO) 

in Boulder, CO (Feb. 8th)

We provided bleachers for spectators at the event as well as warming tents with heaters, walls, and lighting.

Photos courtesy of Dennis Montowski who is a volunteer photographer with SOCO. To see the full album, click here.

The Boulder International Film Festival (BIFF) in Boulder, CO (Feb. 13th-16th)

We loved being a part of the 10th annual BIFF festival! Here are some of our heated tents set up the day before the event began. To see more pictures go here.

BIFF 2014.jpg

March 2014 is bringing some exciting events! Be on the look out for us!

Frozen Dead Guy Days

March 7th – 9th

Nederland, CO

frozen dead guy days festival.jpg

Lincoln Center 2014 Wedding Show

Sunday, March 9, 2014 from 1pm-5pm

Fort Collins, CO

Come meet the finest professionals in catering, decorating, entertainment, photography and bridal fashion.

– Complimentary cocktails

– Spring bridal fashions

– Catered culinary treats

– Prizes & exciting giveaways

– Best of all, it’s FREE!!!!

Aspen International Fashion Week (AIFW)

March 13th – 16th

Aspen, CO

AIFW will be a 4-day event that is sure to be a hit and we are extremely excited to be a part of it!

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The Great Debate: To Rent or Buy?

RC Special Events aims to make your events as stress-free and seamless as possible! While there are plenty of options  a person planning an event can look into for ways to buy items for their gathering, we are here to tell you that RENTING is the way to go!

A hot topic of debate in the event supply industry is whether to rent or buy. We have heard time and time again that we have allowed an ease of use that is unmatched. Even when borrowing from friends! This is due in part to the convenient way we send our products out. For example, we package all of our dinnerware and glassware and do not require you to wash the items before returning.

If you were to purchase large quantities of glassware and dinnerware you are then required to rinse, wash, and store them. If you’re like many, you do not have an industrial strength dishwasher, that can wash and dry large quantities in minutes.


We know many of our clients have entertained the idea of buying linens instead of renting. While weighing the pros and cons, consider this:

  • You will have to Iron, Launder, Store and fix any discrepancies when your linens arrive.
  • You will also have to find a way to transport the linens to your venue in such a way that does not cause wrinkling or dirtying.
  • Your venue may not allow the time you would like to allow for your own set up/take down.
  •  It is important to be realistic about the time you and your family members will have the day of the event.

When renting, your biggest decision will be whether or not to have our crews set them on the tables for you. This way, you don’t have to commision your family and friends to work for you on your big day.

 DIY projects are increasing in popularity lately and for good reason. Sites like Pinterest and other blogs showcasing people’s abilities make it easy for everyone to tap into their creative abilities. Just make sure you don’t get in over your head! Sure making your own fabrics seems like the way to go when you’re a year and a half out, but what happens when you realize that you have bitten off more than you can handle and the big day is less than 6 months away?

We even offer event furniture and decor items that will make planning your event effortless.

In 2013 our Lounge seating was incredibly popular for events. We have since added to our inventory for lounge seating. We now offer this black leather lounge furniture and coffee tables along with our 4′ x 4′ lounge seats. All are pictured below.


IMG_4275 (2)

new coffee table

If you are interested in our lighting options, please check here.

Consider visiting with RC Special Events and allow for one of our fantastic Sales Associates to sit down with you for a ‘Modern Consultation’ so that we can help give you some creative solutions options that will help alleviate  some of the ‘stressors’ that can potentially come with planning large events.  Our goal here at RC Special Events is to find ways to reduce the potential stress levels for our clients and allow for them to “Own the Moment… and Rent the WOW!”

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Visually Unforgettable: The Importance of Event Lighting

The importance of lighting at any event, especially a wedding, is often underestimated. We are here to tell you that it is definitely one of the most important planning decisions.

A fellow event planner once said, “Setting an atmosphere and creating a dramatic first impression is why mood lighting is so vital to any event. Get the lighting (and sound) right and you are well on your way to creating a dynamic event.”

With all the time spent planning your special day, you want to be able to show off your hard work. You won’t be able to do that if your lighting isn’t right!

Our lighting professionals are available to make your dreams a reality. They have transformed even the most unlikely venue spaces and have created fantastic visuals to enhance walls and dance floors.

It is important to make sure that the bride isn’t the only thing beaming in the room! Let us guide you along while illuminating ideas for your perfect lighting design!

Among the lighting techniques that can be used is LED uplighting, which can enhance a venue’s internal architecture. In this example, we used LED lighting behind the liner of a Navitrac tent to provide a color wash effect.

led lighting

In this picture you can also see a few paper lanterns (Also called Fabric Globe lights) that we can offer for your event through a lighting package. In these lanterns, you can use LED lights to illuminate them or 110W light bulbs, or stick to basics and go with the traditional look. These lanterns have become a unique way to decorate a venue and the best part is, they are customizable! If these are your lighting option of choice, we can definitely help you determine the amount needed for your venue.

fabric globe lanterns

Similar to the round paper lanterns are the Grapevine Orbs wrapped with twinkle lights.

They are a really great fit for rustic events and can complement our Napa tables. The lightweight quality of these orbs allows them to be installed in any tent or venue.

grapevine orb with twinkle lightsgrapevine orbs

Theatrical lighting is another customization technique that has always been a special type of lighting for corporate events and weddings alike. Gobo lights, or “Go Between”/”Goes Before Optics” light add just the right amount of special touch. Here at RC Special Events, we bring in our lighting expert to make sure they turn out just right. This lighting style involves manipulating the light that is cast over a space or object from the light source. To do so, a piece of material with patterned holes, through which light passes, is placed in the beam of light to allow only the desired “shape” or pattern through while blocking the rest of the light and casting a specific shadow/light into the space.

Check out these examples of Gobo lighting that RC has used!

gobo lighting

wedding gobo2

wedding gobothere with care gobo

A member of our operations crew took this while on site at an event we were able to work with in Vail. You can see the event name being projected into the pool.

Having the right lighting at your event can make the whole evening, but imagine the effect a special moniker or symbol could bring to the night. Definitely an exciting way to spice up your event.  imageimage_1image_2

Another popular lighting technique that is hung from the ceiling is chandeliers. We offer a large crystal chandelier and mini chandeliers to suit your event.

Crystal Chandelier

crystal chandelier

Mini Chandelier

mini chandeliers

Mini Swirl Chandelier

mini swirl chandelier

In this picture, you can see our mini chandeliers combined with our silk drum lights.

silk drum lights

A form of lighting that doesn’t involve low hanging items from the ceiling are Twinkle Lights. These strands of electric lights are the most versatile of all the lighting that RC Special Events can provide. They can be used to illuminate the ceiling of a clear top tent, or they can bring life to the center poles of a pole tent.

Festoon twinkle lights

These lights, commonly referred to as Par lights or can lights, can be rented with or without a stand. These lights are popular because of the color gels that can be placed over the light to create a cool color effect on a wall or item you wish to illuminate.

par lightpar lights with stand

These are just a few of the Event Lighting techniques that RC Special Events can offer. Talk to our lighting professionals about what you want to achieve and let them guide you to get this all-important aspect right.


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Our Napa Collection at Frogbelly Farm

This is a great venue for Weddings and Special Events. If you would like to get in touch with them for your special event, here is the contact info:

Frog Belly Farm

5255 Rogers Road

Longmont, CO. 80503




RC Special Events helps a large amount of clients who use Frog belly Farm as their venue. We love how our Napas look in the location and our tents definitely don’t hurt the scenery either!


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New RC Special Events hours 2013

New Summer Hours

Beginning May 1st 2013

Monday – Friday

9am – 5pm


9am – 12pm


Appt only

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RC Tents At the Grand Opening of the ERL

The 12,200-square-foot Equine Reproduction Laboratory opened on the university’s Foothills Campus on April 26th, 2013. Fire destroyed the original main laboratory building in 2011, so this was a long awaited renovation.

RC Special Events was more than happy to provide all the tenting and other rental items for the event co-hosted by the College of Agricultural Sciences and the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.

Here is a glimpse of our tents on site!

ImageImagephoto 5

photo 3

                                             photo 4

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Bud Light Event at Vail

We had a blast participating in The Bud Light Hotel week in Vail, these pictures were taken by a member of the RC staff from a balcony at The Lodge. Our tent crew and lighting expert really made this event a sight to see!


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Spring Is Finally Here!


Spring is finally here! Which means an RC Special Events showroom makeover. This spring, we wanted to focus on using brighter colors and offer a little inspiration for springtime events, such as graduation and summer weddings.

Since our Napa tables are so popular in the summer, we definitely wanted to showcase them for our clients to see. Bright colors seem to be a go-to trend for many events using the Napas. We thought the melon table runners with lemon napkins offered an interesting contrast. For this Napa rendition, we chose to stick with the farm table look and use mason jars for our glassware.

Also displayed on our Napa is our newest 2013 addition, triangle plates! Here at RC we are very excited about this new style of dinnerware. Their unique and fun shape will definitely draw you in!

Spring napa

Triangle plates

Continuing with our bright colors theme, we loved the idea of using a white floor length linen with a lime green overlay and navy blue napkins. As a centerpiece, we thought the square vases complemented the square chargers and held the flower bouquets perfectly.  To get this look, use our white woodstyle chairs, silver square chargers, silver rim dinnerware, hammer forged flatware, and our regina stemware.


We all know that springtime means lots of flowers, after the April snowstorms of course. On this table, we used a pretty springtime flower combo and highlighted the purple flowers with our lilac napkins and burlap table runner. The unique accent on this table is the swirl charger underneath the royal white plates. The chargers and rope flatware add character to the chocolate linen. Tying in the outdoorsy spring look, we chose our natural woodstyle chairs and our stemless glassware.


swirl charger

Through our use of social media sites like Pinterest, we have started to notice that mint and gold have become a popular trend for 2013 weddings. So we paired our gold chiavari chairs with an ivory linen, champagne table runner, and mint napkins. Keeping the classic look of gold and ivory, we used our gold chargers and Venice Ivory dinnerware complimented by our Regina water glass, champagne flute and timeless silver chateau flatware. We feel it has a Great Gatsby-esque feel.

This table also brings back the notion of multi-purpose glassware for use as a centerpiece. We turned our oversized glassware upside down and added some flowers as a decor item underneath. Check out our previous blog regarding these options.

gold and mint

As for graduation, we have found that buffet style food serving is the most popular. Here in our showroom, we used a purple linen to show support for Fort Collins High School, but we have linens to support every school color in the Fort Collins area, including cardinal red, gold, and green. Whatever the colors, we can help you show school spirit at your graduation party! The skirting contributes to the buffet look, but a floor length linen can give a similar appearance.

Another important rental item for grad parties are chafers. Here at RC we offer a variety of quart sizes as well as a split pan option. We even sell sternos to make the rental a one-stop process. Here we have displayed our 9” footed bowls, canoe platter, 17” X 11” ceramic tray, our 6” square glass plates, and our triple tiered plate stand.


Whatever your springtime event is, let RC take some of the stress away from planning! Summer is just around the corner and we would love to help you get out and enjoy the warm weather or create an indoor spring/summer ambiance for your guests.

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Multipurpose Glassware

In February, we wrote a blog post that was all about centerpiece inspiration. It also highlighted a few pieces of glassware that are not primarily used as centerpieces. These multipurpose glasses included, wine glasses, oversized glassware, and mason jars.

In this blog, we are going to delve into our other rental items that have been deemed multipurpose. Some may surprise you! A few will be more centerpiece options, but others will teach you about glassware that can be used for both food and beverages.

First, let’s go over a few more uses for the multipurpose glasses from the centerpiece blog.

Wine Glasses

We talked about wine glasses as a centerpiece option, but how about using them as décor accents on various surfaces at an event? Here are some visuals to get the ideas flowing.





Oversized Glassware

We have discovered these giant glasses also work great when you’re looking for a creative way to display snack items or hors d’oeuvre items you are serving. So much more interesting than your average bowl!

While this particular example is cupid inspired, consider the other possibilities that can mimic this set-up!


Mason jars make great centerpiece accents, but they can also be used for aisle or tree decorations, by simply fastening some wire around them and putting a candle inside. (If there is a risk of the item being flammable, opt for using an LED candle instead of a real one) Consider this example of a mason jar used as a hanging lantern.


Stemless Glassware

 Stemless Wine glasses can double as an individual dessert bowl. It is an awesome way to show how the ingredients are layered, and is a lot less messy than trying to scoop a layered dessert out of a pan!





Speaking of sweets, if you’re looking for a different dessert plating technique, try a margarita glass as a cupcake holder.


Martini Glasses

Our Regina dessert glass can be used as a stemless 7.25 oz. martini or cocktail glass, while also passing as a fancy way to serve a sweet treat. The regular stemmed martini glass can also be used as an elegant serving dish.



Cordial and Port Glasses


(Cordial on the left, Port on the right)

There are tons of uses for these glasses, but they are most known for holding layered alcoholic beverages, or small tastes of a drink.



We have come across a ton of creative uses for these glasses. Their small portion size and tall design make them perfect for serving soup shooters, dessert shots, and even an allow for an innovative way to hold tea light candles.



Even if you are doing a kids event, cordial glasses can come in handy! Check out this rendition of individual milk and cookie servings.


Now that you know what to look for when spotting double-uses for glassware, get to planning your own creative décor, desserts, and drinks!

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Style Me Pretty

In January of this year, RC Special Events had the pleasure of serving as a vendor for this gorgeous winter wedding at Devils Thumb Ranch in Tabernash, Colorado. The bride and groom, Crystal and Adam, were very pleased with the Chiavari chairs and tables from our Napa Collection that we supplied.

The wedding turned out so beautifully that it was able to be published in Style Me Pretty Magazine as a featured wedding. This  magazine is known for featuring the most steal-worthy, oooooh and ahh inducing, crazy beautiful weddings that take place all over the world. We are honored to have been a part of this success story and hope you enjoy reading the article that features our items within the lovely winter wedding set-up.


Crystal and Adam Wedding-434

Link to article:

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Interest in Pinterest? Let us Create Your WOW!

I’m sure we have all gotten lost in the mesmerizing website, Pinterest a time or two… or ten… and if you haven’t, I bet you have at least heard the common phrase, “I learned it from Pinterest!”

The wonderful thing about this website is that the pictures and the creations are not only a wonderful tool for event planning, but they are REAL! Yup, that’s right, REAL. As a rental company whose ambition is to Own the moment…rent the WOW! Our goal is to transform your dreams into a reality!

So, while you’re pinning away at your computer for hours on end, sighing over what you believe to be a hopeless dream for your future wedding, our creative sales associates are waiting nearby anticipating to help you put your pinterest plans to action! Don’t believe us?? Well simply sit back and relax. Rather than us tell you what we can do, let us show you!

 This colorful setup is captivating and creates an energetic and fun environment! In order to get this look, you can use our 5’ round tables and elegantly polish them off with a light ocean blue linen overlapped with a short length ivory linen to calm down the overall setting a bit.

The burgundy accents add a spunky touch to the theme and even add a hint of sophistication! The white wooded padded style folding chairs allow the burgundy to really pop and also successfully maintain a simplistic appeal as well.

This style of wedding offers a bit of girlyness and a touch of masculinity all in one! The large 8’ Napa wood collection banquet tables and the fruitwood chivari chairs with white seat pads provide warmth to the room.

With this look, the pink table runners and the mini clear cascade chandeliers add a slight quirkiness to the overall theme. This type of set-up creates both a fun and calming atmosphere that every guest can relate to! The various shades of pinks within the bouquet of flowers contributes a very visually appealing table set up.

Need a little illumination for a “night-light” effect? Our grapevine orb with twinkling lights offers a perfect glow to your wedding! 

These lights have an extraordinary ability to make an event have an “outside” feel – as if you were under the stars.  The orbs are perfect for someone’s special day because they are soft, yet add a touch of excitement.

The idea, Too good to be true is NO MORE! Pinterest is an excellent website that RC Special Events can use to make the innovative ideas come to life! 

Got an interest in Pinterest? Well we do too! Contact RC Special Events to take your Pinterest ideas to a whole new level and experience an event that will definitely bring the WOW factor!

Check out our website to see how we can make your Pinterest a reality!

Be sure to follow us RC Special Events!

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2013 Whispers of Spring Wedding Expo

Here is a glimpse of the RC Special Events exclusive Napa Collection at the 16th Annual Whispers of Spring Wedding Expo on February 19th, 2013. We know the tables will be going out a lot this year!


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Centerpiece Creations

With summer wedding season coming up, Brides are in need of centerpiece options. RC Special Events has a variety of interesting glassware and other items to create the perfect look.

     We have helped countless brides in our years and it has taught us that one of the most popular centerpieces begins with glass cylinders.


     They are very versatile when it comes to fillers and themes. You can try the classic floating candle look, or use flowers to tailor the look to a certain color scheme. Last season, a popular trend was to put fruit, such as apples, or lemons in the cylinders and top it off with either flowers or candles. The possibilities are basically, to be cliché, endless!

cylinder vases- wedding-centerpiece

     Here at RC, we had some fun with our January centerpiece displays. Check out this peacock centerpiece that uses glass cylinders and a square vase!


     These next centerpiece examples combine a few great ideas: Vases, lily bowls, and mirrors.


     The classic vase is definitely a great starting point, but don’t forget to explore your other vase-style options. The lily bowl can bring a different look to the trend, and has even expanded the possibilities for what can be included in the focal point of a centerpiece. For example, instead of a stand-alone floral arrangement, you can do both decorative stones and a large floating flower that will be able to occupy the entire opening to the bowl.


     The mirrors aim to reflect the light and beauty of any floral display or candle accent pieces. Now that you know the pieces to consider combining, here are a few examples to get inspiration from:


mirror centerpiece

     If you’re trying to stray from the classic look, consider our wrought iron lanterns! Since they can be so versatile with the items you surround them with, they are an innovative centerpiece idea.


     Here is an example that we created in our showroom using a lantern with an LED pillar candle, 3 square vases, and a table marker.

lantern centerpiece2

     Speaking of square vases, we have a variety of sizes available for your event. A popular trend for multiple vase use is choosing a uniform color or main item to incorporate. Here are a few examples to get the ideas flowing:


     Another large centerpiece item that we offer is our oversized stemware line. You can choose from the oversized margarita, brandy, wine, or martini glass.


(Martini glass not pictured)

oversized margarita glass-flower centerpiece

     Instead of going the right-side-up traditional style, here is a creative take on the oversized stemware:

Oversized upside down

     Mason jars, with or without handles, can also make a lovely centerpiece.


     A member of the RC family, who was recently married, chose to create an elegant centerpiece using mason jars without handles. She used burlap accents and filled one of the jars with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. For the second jar, she used lace to complement the overall look.

kh mason jar cp

     Another popular idea is to fill the jar itself with lemons or oranges and top it with a bouquet of your choice.


Be creative with your centerpieces this year! And as always, feel free to come into our showroom for some inspiration.

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Rustic and Beautiful: The Exclusive RC Special Events Napa Collection

Are you looking for an innovative way to seat your guests at your event? We have the perfect option for you!

In 2011 RC Special Events introduced an exclusive line of Napa tables designed and manufactured only for RC Special Events. This one of a kind, custom-built table line can bring new life to any event.

      The tables are naturally finished and feature a dark walnut stain, which allows for a table that does not require a linen. And you know what that means? You only have to decide on a table runner and napkin color!


      Another bonus is that the line is completely customizable for your event. We offer a variety of tabletop sizes and leg heights. So, if you’re looking for cabaret tables or an 8ft banquet table, we’ve got you covered. This year, we even added Napa benches to tie the whole line together.


      The natural and rustic look of the Napas has allowed the line to be dubbed one of the hottest trends of 2013. If you’re looking for a total outdoor rustic look, we have found that the Napas always pair well with natural hues or earth toned linens. So far this year, the outdoor rustic appeal of the Napas has been a focal point for many clients planning upcoming summer weddings. You can definitely see how you can use linens and dinnerware to glam up the look.

Napa Tables (2)

 This example used copper chargers to complement the copper nova runner and celadon napkins. This place setting would go well with both an outdoor wedding and an indoor one. The other items on the table are our 9 inch footed white bowls and our canoe platter. These let you get creative with what you can put on the table. Check out the carafes with the wheat accents!

Another earth tone palette we have used is a chocolate napkin with black hills gold runners and copper chargers.


In an almost complete one-eighty, the Napas can turn black-tie with a simple black and white theme. For this table, we opted for white napkins and black chargers. Even though natural hues are popular, don’t be afraid to experiment with your own color scheme ideas!


       If you aren’t quite sure what dinnerware, flatware, etc would look best with the tables, don’t worry we can help! Here are some examples we found while browsing through Pinterest.


To get this look, use our square dinner plates, regina wine glasses and water goblets for glassware. Then tie the whole look together with our eggplant runners or try something from our iridescent crush line.

If this look is more your style, you can use our burlap runners, with our royal white or silver rim dinnerware. Another style that would pair well is our Venice ivory. For glassware, use our 12 oz red wine glasses, regina champagne flutes, and water goblets.


     The possibilities for table runners that pair well are endless. Check out this example with a light blue one!


     To get more linen inspiration for your event, check out our color selection on our website.

A lot of times, a follow-up question from clients renting Napa tables is which style of chair looks best. We recommend our Fruitwood Chiavari chairs because they have chair pads for comfortable guest seating and closely match the tables in color.

     Check out these outdoor Napas paired with the Fruitwood Chiavari chairs. You can see why these are always a great fit for any event!


     Don’t miss out; contact RC Special Events today to rent these elite tables for your special event! You can even stop by the RC Special Events showroom to get some inspiration.

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Tis The Season For Holiday Tables

If you’re having a winter wedding, chances are you’ve thought about incorporating winter themes. From snowflakes to ornaments, to peppermint themes, we’ve got ideas for you!


This example uses red and white base colors complimented by white napkins, dinnerware, and chairs. On the red overlay, we have a silver table runner as an accent color to offset the use of red. Lastly, chair sashes give a great opportunity for a “pop” of color.

Check out our website to see which linen colors could suit your bold color desires. And if you would like to see some of our winter looks today, feel free to stop by our showroom!

We used our oversized glassware filled with decorative stones to create the centerpieces on this table.

red&white (1)

Another option for décor is the use of silver items to create a frosty, or icy, look versus using holiday colors.

For example, you can use our silver rim dinnerware, white napkins, mason jars, and square vases to create this winter table setting.


Other winter ideas we have seen on sites such as, Pinterest include ornament placeholders and snowflake candleholders


While we’ve given you a few holiday theme options, don’t let that intimidate you from trying a more bold color scheme. During the winter months, blues and purple hues are popular. Opt for a brighter blue or a plum or eggplant color to add that needed “pop”.

Blog pic blue

blog pic purple

Check out our website to see which linen colors could suit your bold color desires. And if you would like to see some of our winter looks today, feel free to stop by our showroom!

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Eliminate the Linen Guessing Game!

Linens can be tricky. While we are always willing to talk about sizes and drop lengths with our clients, we figured some of you might like a chart to show you your options. If you’ve found a size that will work best, give us a call, and let’s talk colors!


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How to Decode the Mystery of Wine Glasses

With the wide variety of options, determining which glassware/stemware to use for your event is definitely difficult. Our job is to make this task as stress-free as possible, so stick with us as we give you some basics.


Here at RC Special Events we offer 9 different wine glasses. 6 are specified as red wine glasses and 3 are specified as white.

It is often speculated that only true wine connoisseurs will be able to tell the difference between the two, but for those who aren’t aware of the differences, here is a hint: The most visible difference between white and red glasses is the shape and measurement of the bowls.

For example, our Regina line has a bowl depth of 3 inches, but they differ in rim and bowl width. The red glass’ rim is 2.5” and the white is 2.25”. Bowl width for red is 3.5” and for white it is 3”.


These minor differences are thought to enhance the overall drink experience and prevent undesirable oxidation. (Oxidation: A chemical change in wine after it is exposed to air) Who knew drinking wine involved some science?

Bowl shapes and sizes also affect ounce sizes. RC Special Events offers red wine glasses in 8oz, 12oz, 13 oz, and 17.5 oz. For white glasses, customers can choose from 6oz and 11.5 oz


Don’t get too overwhelmed yet; you don’t have to be a wine expert to find a glass solution. With the specified use assigned to glasses, a popular inquiry for events involving wine is which glass can serve as all-purpose.

RC Special Events typically recommends using a 6 oz white wine glass or an 8 oz red wine glass. While the 6oz has a more slender look, the 8oz has a slighter smaller bowl depth, with a more round appearance.


Either glass works for both wine options because they are a standard ounce size and still have stems. Which glass to use of the two is mostly based off of shape preference, since either is deemed universal.

Another popular question involves which stemware complements the formality of an event. If you’re trying to decide which stemware is considered a more formal option, our Regina line fills that purpose.

The stems on this line are 4” tall which is approx. 1” inch taller than standard glasses. Another bonus of the Regina line stems is that they help eliminate fingerprints on the bowl itself and reduce heat transfer from the hand holding the glass. For a more casual appeal, customers can choose to utilize our stemless wine glasses.


So now that you know the scoop on which wine glasses to use and what line RC Special Events recommends; get to the drinking!

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Rent a Tent for Any Event! (The Inside Scoop on Which Tent Fits Best for Your Event)

We love tents!  But sometimes it can be confusing which tent is best for your event; so RC Special Events has you covered (literally!)

Pop-up Tent:

This tent is the smallest and most versatile tent we own!  Measuring 10×10, this tent is great for festival vendor booths, backyard shade, or anything you can think of! This tent has the flexibility to be staked into the ground for a grassy event location, or we can provide weights for events on concrete or hard surfaces.

Canopy Tents:

This tent is a step up from the pop-up tent, but convenient for customer installation!! These tents are great for backyard parties, or anywhere you can stake! This tent varies in size from 15×15 to 20×30.  We give you all the parts and pieces, and with a couple friends you will have a beautiful tent to share with your guests!

Q-Peak Tents:

Q Peak tents are a great solution for smaller events, catering tents, or to add an extension to one of our large tents.  Commonly referred to as “DIA Peak Tents”, these tents have the flexibility to go wherever the event is!  (and who can resist that crisp look?!)


Pole Tents:

The pole tent is a very fun looking ten because it resembles that of a circus tent, and pair well with the Q-Peak tents because of their beautiful peaks!

Here at RC, we carry them in an assortment of sizes that helps those who are following a strict budget, or need to accommodate a particular guest count. This type of tent is much more durable then that of a canopy tent and must be put in a space where the tent can be staked.  And to top it off, our 60′ wide and larger tents are wind rated!

This tent has plenty of accessories that help dress-up the tent, so ask an RC Sales Associate today how you can make this tent perfect for your event!


Frame / Navitrac Tents:

Our Frame / Navitrac tents are perfect for weddings, corporate events, concerts and so much more!  This tent has the ability to be staked or weighted, and can accommodate large guest counts!

This type of tent is wind rated (perfect for Colorado weather!!), and allows for wonderful upgrades such as luxurious sidewalls, French doors and more…with this tent style our décor options are limitless!


Clearspan Structure Tent:

Get ready for this one… this is the absolute largest tent that we have. But, it’s not just the largest tent at RC, it’s the biggest one that exists in all of Northern Colorado!! (cue the ooo’s and aaahh’s…) This big boy is for BIG events. You have about a million and one friends?? Good! Because we have a tent for that too!


No matter how big or small the event, how casual or fancy the occasion… we have just the tent to fit! 

Whether you’re having a boisterous BBQ at a local park, a large corporate party, or an intimate ceremony, we have just the tent that will accommodate all of the above!  Make sure to call an RC Special Events sales associate to help you determine the best fit and size for your event!

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Green Invitations

green-invitationsBuy 100% PCW (post – consumer waste) recycled invitations that are processed without chlorine. Encourage guests to recycle their invitations, or have seeds embedded in the paper so that guests can plant the invitations and enjoy the flowers that grow from them.

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First Dance… Make it Special

first-danceDo not hold onto each other’s hands when doing an underarm turn!”

Avoid grasping tightly to each other’s hands when performing an underarm turn. Both sexes are equally guilty of this. If you are holding on too hard it is a case of “you only hurt the one you love”! If the groom grasps his brides hand it hurts her and vice versa.

Additionally it is impossible for the bride to turn around smoothly because if she turns all the way around her hand has to as well. As the groom lifts up his left arm to lead the underarm turn, his left hand should be rounded rather like a cup holder. The bride should lower the thumb of her right hand and keep the rest of her fingers relatively motionless as she turns. This allows her hand to rotate all the way around perfectly as she turns so that her hand returns to the exact same spot as she finishes the turn. When she is done with her turn their palms will again be pressed together, creating a seamless transition from the underarm turn back to the frame so that the bride is ready immediately for the next move.

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Wedding Decor Checklist

Wedding Ceremony with Flower Petals

Take the following into consideration when choosing and creating your wedding decor:

  • Color Scheme
  • Available Space
  • No. of Guests
  • Mood/Theme
  • Time of Year
  • Time of Day
  • Location/Setting
  • Family Traditions
  • Budget

Put together your inspiration board and then explore where you can apply your décor imagination.


  • Entrance Gates, Doors, Trees & Pathways
  • Aisles
  • Pews & Chairs
  • Altar
  • Arch, Gazebo or Chuppa


  • Entrance Gates, Doors, Trees & Pathways
  • Gift Table
  • Guest Book Table
  • Escort Card Table
  • Tables/Centerpieces
  • Cake Table
  • Buffet Tables
  • Staircases
  • Walls
  • Chairs
  • Ceilings
  • Floors
  • Outdoor Areas
  • Restrooms

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Let Guests Vote


A great way to include your guests in your wedding day plans is to put up a poll on your website and let them vote on certain aspects of the day. We know one couple that asked their guests to vote on the first dance song and the couple chose not to know until it was played at the reception!!

Other elements that guests can vote on are: linen colors, hors d’oeuvres, cake flavors, or the honeymoon destination.

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Seating Chart Tips


Escort Cards

The most common way that escort cards are displayed is as tent cards on a table at the entrance to the reception space. A fun and unique way to display the cards is on an eye catching escort card tree, the cards can then be interspersed with photographs of the happy couple.

The seating chart can either list guests by table or alphabetically by name. Listing by table is more common in Great Britain and shows who else is on the same table. Listing by guest name is more common in the USA and makes it a little easier to find your table, especially at a large event.

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