How to Plan a Green Wedding

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Simple Tips to Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Every day, more and more people become more conscious of the importance of protecting the environment. Green initiatives aren’t limited to the home. They can be carried over to everything we do, which is why green weddings are becoming more popular.

Traditional weddings can generate a lot of waste, but with a few changes here and there, you can turn your wedding into an eco-friendly event.

Take Advantage of Party Rentals

There’s no need to buy lots of things for your wedding that you will not use later on, as they eventually will become waste. Party rentals are a great way to stock up on all kinds of goodies that will elevate the look of your wedding.

eco friendly wedding invitationsResort to Eco-Friendly Invitation Options

Traditional wedding invitations are beautiful and one of the most anticipated wedding details. However, using all that paper is not exactly the best way to plan a green wedding. Going paperless is a good option. There are so many options these days to create amazing animated wedding invitations that you can send via email. If you’re more of a traditionalist, you can still choose an eco-friendly option by making your wedding invitations out of recycled paper. They will look unique and incredibly romantic.

Plan a Conscious Wedding Clean-Up

The not-so-fun part of a wedding comes after the party is over, but that doesn’t make it less necessary. Put a plan in place to ensure your wedding clean-up helps reduce waste. Set up a recycling station and classify it.

Choose an Event Planner That Supports Eco-Friendly Initiatives

Working with a wedding planner that shares your vision and values for your wedding is a plus. They will make the planning process much more comfortable and can provide you with other great ideas for an eco-friendly approach to your wedding.


Planning a green wedding shouldn’t make you feel limited. There are many options today that can help you plan an environmentally friendly wedding that is just as amazing as any other —or even more!


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