Choose the Best Flooring for Your Outdoor Event

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Matching Your Outdoor Event to the Perfect Flooring

Planning a successful event is all about the details, and although your first thoughts might be around location and food, if you’re hosting an outdoor event, your tent and flooring as two essential elements you don’t want to overlook.

Once you’ve selected the location and decided to go with a tent for your event, choosing temporary flooring is a significant decision. Even if you’re hosting an event on the most uneven of surfaces, the right flooring is what’s going to make all the difference.

Outdoor event flooring will be exposed to a variety of environmental factors that indoor flooring doesn’t have to experience, such as weather fluctuations, moisture and rain, UV rays, and more. So, how do you make sure you choose the right flooring for your outdoor event? Here are a few tips.

Analyze the Surface

What kind of surface will the floor be installed on? There are tons of options that work great on flat surfaces, and there are also some that work on uneven ones, but the variety certainly decreases when it’s for a complicated surface. Whatever you’re dealing with, work with someone that has experience in the area and knows how to handle both scenarios, to ensure you get the best results.

Birch Dance FloorConsider the Use it Will be Given

What type of activities will happen on that floor? Do you need it to double as a dance floor? What kind of shoes will your guests be wearing? Take time to answer all these questions before you explore your options and decide.

Think of the Qualities You Want It to Have

What kind of floor are you envisioning for this event? Do you want it to look fabulous? Should it be versatile? Durable or weather resistant? Make a list of the qualities you would like your flooring to have so you can narrow down the options.

Define a Budget

As soon as you define what flooring you will need for your outdoor event, take a moment to think about your budget. Do you want it to be installed by professionals to avoid potential issues? Will you need a subfloor? Take all these things into account when you’re working on your budget so it can come out as realistic as possible.


The type of flooring you choose for your event can leave a mark. Reach out to the pros and make the right impression by getting the best flooring and stage options out there, and ensure the success of your event.


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