How to Plan a Great Summer Event

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Summer Event Planning Tips

The heat is on! Summer is a great season for event planning because, you know, the idea of barbeques, pools, and summer drinks puts everyone in the mood to party. However, summer does require event planners to think outside the box to meet the demands of the season while ensuring guests are comfortable and have a great time.

If you want to take advantage of the summer months and plan a great event this season, here are some tips for you.

Tent rentals for summer eventsFind the Perfect Venue

Choosing a venue is about more than just finding a nice-looking place for your event. The decision should be all about the needs of your event, as well as your guests. Things like layout and flow between high-traffic areas should be considered. Tent rentals can be a perfect solution for an outdoor event.

Consider the Weather

Checking the weather forecast is a good idea when you’re planning a summer event. Not only should you keep that in mind so you can provide your guests with a great experience, but it also comes in very handy when setting up. Can you imagine trying to get settled in 100+ degree weather?

Check for Conflicts When Scheduling Your Event

Many social activities are planned for the summer months, from family vacations to music festivals. If you want to make sure you have high attendance, check the dates and times before scheduling your event, so you don’t have to compete with other activities that might already be on the calendar.

Barrel barChoose a Fun Theme

Brighten up your summer event with a great theme. That is a beautiful way to surprise your audience, keep them engaged, and kick up the fun factor. The season is perfect for getting creative with color, decorations, and activities. You could make it into a luau, a picnic, a carnival, a scavenger hunt, a summer campout or even a neon party, and create exceptional environments for both adults and children.

Please Your Guests with Great Food

Food is always an essential part of event planning. During the summer months, everyone is craving comforting yet refreshing food that is easy to eat, like tacos, antipasti, sliders, fruity desserts, etc., as well as refreshing drinks. There is a lot of room to get super creative with the menu.


Summer events are super fun, but their success comes down to event planning. These tips can help steer things in the right direction, but having a great event planner working with you will ensure your vision comes true and everything happens as expected.


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