Oktoberfest-Inspired Event Ideas

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October is a Good Time for a Party!

Every season has reasons to celebrate, and autumn doesn’t fall short! One of the most popular events in October is, of course, the German tradition known as Oktoberfest. This inspires us to get creative and put together some cool events to celebrate the season. Need some ideas? Here you go.

Have a Beer Party

Because there is no Oktoberfest without some good German brews. You don’t need a hundred guests. Instead, you could make it more intimate with just your friends and family.

Pick out a nice selection of your favorite beer. Line up some beer tasting glasses and have a couple ready or each guest, with their corresponding flavor profiles and descriptions. This is a great conversation starter. Get people to comment about what they think are the predominant flavors. Offer a bottle of beer as a take-home gift. You can print the descriptions of each beer and have a few of them available, so your guests can take both things with them, once they’ve chosen their favorite beer.

How About a Food Tasting?

Turn it into a food tasting party by working on a menu full of German goodies, like bratwurst with sauerkraut, sliced bread with cheeses, German potato salad and pretzels. You’ll make your guests feel as if they stepped foot on German ground.

Set Up Your Own Biergarten

For something a little more casual, use your back yard and turn into the headquarters of your beer-extravaganza. A Biergarten is a fun way to have a little bit of everything. The trick is to turn it into a ‘hang-out” spot for your guests. You can set up a bar, which should be the focal point, and have some kegs and pint glasses, throw in some lounge furniture, bar stools, cocktail tables, and string lights. Then, set up a snack bar with bite-size German-inspired appetizers and pretzels, popcorn and something sweet. Everything you need for a beautiful evening with friends.


Great ideas, simple planning, and execution, along with party rentals, are the perfect combination of elements for a tremendous Oktoberfest-inspired party.



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