Fall Wedding Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Watch Out for These Fall Wedding Mistakes

Fall weddings are a thing of beauty. The weather is still beautiful enough to have an outdoor wedding, and there’s just something super romantic about the wonderfully colorful foliage of the season.

Regardless of the season, planning a wedding always requires time, effort, and a lot of detailed work. With so much going on, it is easy to overlook certain things and make mistakes. Here are some of the most common fall wedding pitfalls you want to avoid.

outdoor fall wedding setupNot Considering the Time Change

Sometime in November, the time changes back an hour due to daylight savings time. Since this only happens twice a year, it is easy to forget all about it and make plans without considering that. If you’re planning a wedding in November, be sure to factor that in so you can coordinate things accordingly.

Not Considering the Weather Change

Although fall weather is generally lovely, it is not exactly a rule. Weather can be unpredictable, so it’s essential to have a plan B, just in case, especially if you have an outdoor wedding. A large tent can be great to shelter your guests from both the sun and the rain.

Fall wedding bouquetNot Taking Advantage of the Season’s Color Palette

Weddings are usually planned many months ahead. You might be picking flower arrangements, linens, and other decorations in the spring and might have spring color palettes in mind. Although there is no wrong color palette, choosing the beautiful colors of autumn will bring out the beauty of your wedding details. Otherwise, the decorations can look a little off.

Not Sharing Enough Details with Your Guests

If you’re having a fall wedding, particularly an outdoor fall wedding, you must let your guests in on the details. Most guests will assume the wedding will be indoors and dress according to that. Setting expectations from the start will prevent your guests from feeling uncomfortable at the event.


As you plan your fall wedding, you can find the process to be overwhelming. These tips can help you prevent the most common pitfalls, and if you get some help from an event planner, even better. 😉


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