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We specialize in tent rentals because tents are one of the most impressive and unique ways to add the WOW to an event. Not to mention they are pretty essential where we live. You know how unpredictable the weather is in Colorado and Wyoming. One moment the sun is beating down and the next it’s raining then the sun is back. Tents provide protection from both the heat and the damp, as well as add a wonderful degree of ambiance to a daytime or evening event.

Our tents include a variety of sizes and styles to meet your needs and your dreams. They can also enhance your location. Tents make a wonderful backdrop for an outdoor venue and allow you to create a unique look for special occasions. (Our event planners are great at coming up with creative ideas.) No one else will have pictures like yours!

You can add tent ceiling liners, flooring, lighting (what the wedding pros always advise clients to invest in),  and other decorative elements such as French doors and window walls. Heating and cooling options help keep the interior comfortable.

Make Your Event Unique… with a Tent!

There is nothing we can’t cover with our large selection of tents, plus we have the most years of tent rental experience in the region. We will ensure your every need is met and your tents are set up with safety very much in mind.

Tents You Can Pick Up from Our Stores and Set Up Yourself

Pop-Up Tent

This tent is the smallest and most versatile tent we have available to rent. Measuring 10'x10', this tent is great for festival vendor booths, backyard shade, or anything you can think of. It can be staked into the ground for a grassy event location, or we can provide weights for events on concrete or hard surfaces. Two people are needed to set it up; we are happy to provide our services.

Canopy Tent

This tent is a step up from the pop-up tent, but is easy for you to set up yourself. Perfect for backyard parties, gatherings in the park, or any event located where you can stake the tent into the ground, this tent comes in sizes ranging from 15'x15' to 20'x30'. We give you all the parts and pieces, and with the help from a couple of friends, you will have a beautiful tent to share with your guests in no time!

Large Tents

Our experienced crews set up all of the following tents. Included with the rental is an RC Events site visit from a member of our customer service team to ensure your chosen tent will fit in your space and answer any questions you may have.

Pole Tent

The pole tent has gorgeous peaks. Around here, when the request is for “DIA style,” that means a pole tent. Many customers love them for festive, fun occasions. Pole tents pair well with our Q-Peak tents because their peaks balance each other perfectly. We carry pole tents in a wide assortment of widths and lengths. Pole tents must be staked into the ground, and we can stake into grass, dirt, and through asphalt. (We patch the holes when the tent is removed.) These tents also have a number of accessories to help dress them up for your event and the larger tents (60' and wider) carry a wind rating.

Tidewater Pole Tent

RC Events was the first in the region to carry this new style of pole tent and we now carry several different sizes. This tent really needs to be seen at night with tent lighting to appreciate its beauty, as the top is made of sailcloth that allows the lighting to glow through. (The tent is completely weatherproof, so don’t be concerned.) Featuring tall wooden side poles, this tent has a retro look that today’s brides and grooms have been wanting for their weddings. Panoramic sidewalls and other accessories are available with these tents. In mountain settings, you cannot go wrong with an RC Tidewater tent.

Frame Tents

The frame tent offers so many options for so many purposes. The 40'x80' or 40'x100' frame tent is one of our most popular tents and is ideal for large weddings, corporate events, concerts, and so much more. Frame tents come in a variety of styles, so a discussion with one of our tenting staff will provide you with a perfect set of options. Staking this tent is always the preferred method, but this is the only style of tent that can be weighted (and only under certain conditions). The frame tent accommodates all kinds of amazing upgrades, including luxurious sidewalls, French doors, tent ceiling liners, lighting sets, and more. The décor options are practically limitless!

Navi Trac Frame Tent

When you see Navi Trac on your tent quote or hear our team say “Navi Trac,” know that we are speaking about a USA-designed and manufactured frame tent structure. We have been using Navi Trac tents for many years, and no other tent rental company has more knowledge of this incredibly strong, yet versatile tent. Many accessories exist for this tent, some of which were designed and produced by us. These include the clear top canvas, which offers an incredible experience both from inside and outside the tent for your guests. When staked, this tent carries a nationally approved wind rating of 70 MPH continuous speed and for three seconds, 90 MPH. However always speak with us about safety plans for tented events, as it’s always better safe than sorry.

Q-Peak Frame Tents

A Q-Peak tent is a style of frame tent perfect for smaller events, catering tents, or creating an extension on one of our large tents. These tents combine the look of a pole tent with the flexibility of a frame tent to go wherever the event is.

Clearspan Structure Tent

Our Clearspan Structure tent is HUGE! It’s the largest tent in Northern Colorado and probably all of Wyoming. Its self-supporting frame structure makes it very strong and eliminates the need for center poles, creating unobstructed views on the interior. With over 11' of entry clearance, this structure is usually used for specific events such as festivals or corporate meetings that require large stages, audio-visual projection, and lighting.

Talk to us about tents!

We have so many tent rental solutions, it’s hard to choose the right one on your own. Schedule a consult with us and one of our event planners would be happy to talk to you about the perfect options for your event.


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