5 Things to Consider When Planning the Perfect Outdoor Wedding

Imagine the backdrop for your perfect wedding day: Your grandparents’ beautiful mountain ranch in Colorado where your dad grew up. You spent your summers there helping in the stables and learning to ride horses. How lucky you are to get married in such a beautiful place!

Fast-forward to the actual day and perfect is not exactly how everything is going. Your wedding party is a mess from having to trample through stable mud to make it to the alter, your Mom is upset because she thinks your family that flew in from Florida are freezing in the mountain air, and the candles you had to bring in for extra lighting are about to send one of your centerpieces out in a blaze of glory. You find yourself thinking, “We should’ve thought about that.” Don’t worry! Some of these things can’t be avoided in the end, but with the right planning and foresight, some can be tackled head on!

Here are five things to consider to help make sure the perfect day you envision turns out to be perfect.

  1. Choosing the Right Spot. When making the decision on where to host the occasion, remember to consider the negatives and additional needs, as well as all the positive aesthetics and attributes. Can guests get there easily? What’s nearby? What’s it like that time of year? Will my guests be comfortable? What are the additional needs (like the ones listed in this blog!)? Choose a location that is in line with your vision for the day as well a convenience your guests will appreciate. RC Events offers complimentary site visits with our event and tent experts. We’re happy to walk the event site with you and make sure your vision becomes reality.
  2. You May Need a Permit. Some areas of Northern Colorado require different permits and or permission to wed on public or private property. For instance, if you plan to have a tented location in Larimer County, tents of a certain size will require a fire permit, as well as a visit from the Fire Marshall. Even if you plan to wed on private property, requests to put up a tent will require permission from the utility services of that city. RC Events applies for all necessary permits on behalf of our clients, make sure to research what permits are required to ensure you’re well prepared to tie the knot.
  3. Lighting Needs. When hosting your wedding outside, even during the day, chances are you’ll need lighting. While some strung bistro lighting on trees or hung above the dance floor will set the mood for your first dance, they might not provide sufficient light for your guests to enjoy dinner. RC Events offers a large variety of functional, décor and access lighting to brighten up your event. (Note:  *Said lighting may also need its own power source. Consider your options for a generator here!)
  4. Restroom needs. Yes, rustic mountain weddings in the lush open space of Rocky Mountain National Park or sandy beachfront weddings on Horsetooth Reservoir are beautiful wonderful settings for this magical day. However, Uncle Gerald needs to be within 25 feet of a working restroom at all times, your cousin Jenny’s triplets need a diaper change at a rate of one per 15 minutes, and there’s no way your maid of honor Heather is getting out of those spanx behind a tree. We all go to the restroom; make sure your guests can do it almost as seamlessly as they would at home. RC Events can help to outsource your event sanitation from a portable restroom trailer to full bath and shower luxury restrooms.
  5. Heating and Cooling. Whether your reception will be in a barn, warehouse, tent or open air, RC Events has the products you need to ensure you and your guests are comfortable. Tent heaters, patio heaters, gas fire pits, misting fans, ceiling fans, and air conditioning are all available options. (Note: Make sure to discuss heaters with your venue and vendor. Heaters are specifically designed for indoor or outdoor use, so don’t try and put that old patio heater in your tent!)


At the end of the day, what really matters is that you’ve made it and now you get to enjoy time with the love of your life. Aunt Gertrude may still complain about the fish, but the tables will be set, everyone will be in place, and you’ll be surrounded by love. Vladimir Nabokov once said “Do not be angry with the rain; it simply does not know how to fall upwards.”  We all know that to be true, but there is something to be said for packing an umbrella in case of a rainy day.


Happy Planning!


5 Things To Consider For Your Next Event

tablescape 2

There are many ways to enhance the look and feel your next special event and recreate exactly what you envision for your day. With event planning it’s best to start simple. Think about what you can easily add to heighten the experience for your guests and maximize the amount of time you get to enjoy yourself.

Here are five simple things you can incorporate into a wedding, corporate event, backyard barbecue, birthday or graduation party and more to help create an unforgettable day.

Schedule a Consultation: The first step is to schedule an appointment with one of our event consultants. They can provide details on the essentials like tents, decor, lighting and sound equipment. With all the necessary skills to pull everything together, you can leave feeling confident that your event is in great hands. Having one company as a point of contact for all these features also makes it easier to manage event details (or challenges) if they arise.

We also have a showroom you can visit to get a feel for various event items, and you can schedule a full-table mock-up including your specific colors for linens, silverware and other key details. A consultation is the best way for you to make decisions about exactly what you want, and RC Special Events can offer suggestions to guide you towards what works for your tastes and budget.

Schedule a consultation as soon as possible to begin narrowing down what you want and ensure availability of the items on the day of the event.


Rental Linens, Flatware and Glassware: This is one of the best and easiest ways to keep things simple during a special event. Nothing to wash, nothing to haul around. You also have access to various styles of your choice at a fraction of the cost, allowing you to get a high-end look without the price tag.

We have heard time and time again that renting offers an ease of use that is unmatched. This is due, in part, to the convenient way we deliver and manage our products. For example, we package all the dinnerware and glassware ourselves. In addition, we do not require clients to wash the items before returning them – simply to put them back in the racks they come in and we take care of the rest.

tent picture

Tents: Tents are one of the most important features of an event. When making the decision to use a tent, first take into account the unpredictability of the weather, especially in Colorado. There are a variety of tent sizes, shapes and scales available that serve specific purposes, including shade, weather protection and a little added ambiance.

Tents also allow you to use nature as a prop. Venues do not always allow this luxury. With a tent outdoors, you are able to be creative and style a one-of-a-kind look that fits your exact vision, while still providing comfort and shelter from the elements in a way that looks polished and elegant. You can add special liners, flooring, lighting, chandeliers and other decorative elements as well as french doors, window walls, heating and air conditioning.

RC Special Events has lots of tents to choose from, including Q-peak, Pole, Frame, Clear Top, Tidewater Clearspan structure and more. An event consultant can help you decide which style of tent to use for your event.

View More:

Lighting: Decor lighting is a fun, simple accent feature that can transform the look of an event. It can be added to any tent or venue and there are various styles to help you create the look and feel that best matches the occasion, including twinkle lights, chandeliers, bistro lights, grapevine orbs, paper lanterns and more.

Your consultant can discuss lighting with you and ensure the type of lighting you want can work in the tent or venue you’ve selected. During set-up and delivery a lighting expert will install everything you need onsite to craft your unique vision.

Sound and Power Options: In the planning phase, it’s important to think about how you are going to manage the sound and power during the an event, especially in a remote location.

To manage this aspect of event planning, ask yourself some helpful questions:

  • Do I need to rent a generator or is there a power source on site?
  • Does the venue have a sound system available or do I need to rent one?
  • What kind of system is available at the venue and is there supplemental equipment available for the DJ?
  • Does the DJ require equipment that the venue does not provide?
  • Will I be managing the music from an iPod and do I have the right type of speakers do that? Do I need equipment to play music from an iPod or laptop that I don’t own?
  • Do I need a training session from a technician for assistance working with rental equipment or help combining it with my personal equipment to ensure compatibility?

If you are in the process of planning a special event and feel overwhelmed, we can help! Tell us about the vision you have in mind and we will do what we do best – manage all the details. Working with an event planner? Connect them with us so we can collaborate to make your vision come true!

Special thanks to KJ and Rob Photography for letting us use a few photos!


Goodbye, February! Hello, March!

We hope you all have had a wonderful February! Many of you might already know that Feb is deemed the ‘Creative Romance’ month. For reasons, like Valentine’s Day, it’s not a big stretch to see why; However, we know that every event takes creative planning and dedication and what better way to draw motivation for such a feat than looking at February – The Creative Romance Month! We think this idea of ‘Creative Romance’ can translate into planning other events all year round.

On the romantic side of things, there are so many ways to translate this idea into an everyday event. Date nights are not confined to Valentine’s Day and it is time to transcend that traditional view. Picture this, you’re planning a special date night at home for your significant other. Instead of the same kitchen table they get to see everyday, why not up the ante and rent a specialty linen and runner to enhance the creative and romantic feel. Not sure you have the creative energy that it takes for such a thing, don’t be afraid to ask for advice! Members of our creative sales team are ready to help you put together the perfect look for your special eventing.

A few tips to help with the creative process:

1. Make plans early.

Nothing is worse than realizing what you envisioned in your head is no longer possible, because the items you wanted have already been distributed to other events. Giving yourself enough time allows for that creative boost and even if you change your mind, there is still time to.

2. Go a little out of your comfort zone.

If you aren’t usually too creative, branch out and coordinate with our sales associates for a unique look that will show the time and effort put into the night you have planned.

3. Don’t limit yourself to being “romantic”.

The ideas listed above can be duplicated for any event. Don’t let our translation of ‘creative romance’ make you forget that creativity is not limited to the romantic side. Any event demands a unique touch and here at RC Special Events, we can help you find what you are looking for!

Wedding Inspiration:

If you’re looking for romantic wedding inspiration, how about considering our tidewater tent? It really is the perfect setting for the perfect wedding.


For us here at RC Special Events 2014 has been a busy two months of getting prepared for summer 2014 events as well as completing events all over Northern Colorado. A few of the highlights have been:

Winter Xgames in Aspen, CO (Jan. 23rd-25th)

We provided tents, heat, staging, lighting, and furniture for this popular event!

Our new Lava Lite Patio Heaters added a special touch to the outside lounge area in Aspen, CO and helped guests keep warm in the cold temperatures!

Pewter Carpet with lounge furniture.jpg

New for 2014: Black Leather Lounge Furniture and pewter carpet. Our modern lounge look was a hit!

The Crowds enjoying DJ Tiesto’s performance!

Polar Plunge for the Special Olympics Colorado (SOCO) 

in Boulder, CO (Feb. 8th)

We provided bleachers for spectators at the event as well as warming tents with heaters, walls, and lighting.

Photos courtesy of Dennis Montowski who is a volunteer photographer with SOCO. To see the full album, click here.

The Boulder International Film Festival (BIFF) in Boulder, CO (Feb. 13th-16th)

We loved being a part of the 10th annual BIFF festival! Here are some of our heated tents set up the day before the event began. To see more pictures go here.

BIFF 2014.jpg

March 2014 is bringing some exciting events! Be on the look out for us!

Frozen Dead Guy Days

March 7th – 9th

Nederland, CO

frozen dead guy days festival.jpg

Lincoln Center 2014 Wedding Show

Sunday, March 9, 2014 from 1pm-5pm

Fort Collins, CO

Come meet the finest professionals in catering, decorating, entertainment, photography and bridal fashion.

– Complimentary cocktails

– Spring bridal fashions

– Catered culinary treats

– Prizes & exciting giveaways

– Best of all, it’s FREE!!!!

Aspen International Fashion Week (AIFW)

March 13th – 16th

Aspen, CO

AIFW will be a 4-day event that is sure to be a hit and we are extremely excited to be a part of it!

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