4 Essentials to Plan Your Company Holiday Party in Colorado

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Company Holiday Planning Basics to Pull Off a Successful Event

Planning a company event is not exactly a walk in the park. There are so many things involved in the process that it can sometimes be overwhelming. If you’re getting caught up thinking of everything that has to be done but hasn’t managed actually to start planning the event yet, it’s ok. We’re here to shed some light and help you get started. There are four basics that you have to begin. Once you have these, the rest will fall into place.

Save the Date

The date is very, very important. It can open or close many opportunities. Holiday events usually take place on the weekend in December. However, it is a pretty busy time of year for venues, caterers, and everything else you need for a party, so if you haven’t defined the date yet, it is time to get to it. The days closer to the holidays are more likely to be full, so early December is a good option. You can also consider moving it up to November or pushing it back to January to minimize costs and ensure most folks can make it.

party rentalsBook the Venue

Although hosting your event in your own office space is not a bad thing, choosing a different venue is a plus. This way, everyone can truly unwind and relax by being away from their usual environment. Spacious venues can be costly, but if that’s not within your budget, there is no reason to worry. You can host your event outdoors and set up a tent, which will not only shelter your guests from the winter weather, it will also provide as much space as you need to execute the vision you have for your party.

Define the Menu

It’s not a party unless there are food and drinks. An open bar is a good option is you have a flexible budget. If that’s not the case, you can put together an excellent cocktail menu with a few but delicious options, and pair them with a nice variety of finger foods that are budget-friendly and great for parties.

Book Your Party Rentals

Think about the main things you’ll need for your event, like tables, chairs, linens, etc. Book those first, as soon as you are clear on the number of guests. Once that part is out of the way, you can take your time to determine which other things you need, like decoration, sound systems, projectors, lighting, etc.


Planning a holiday event for your company in Colorado can be stressful and time-consuming. The one thing that will make it much easier is the help of a professional event planner that can lift the burden off your shoulders. That way, all you have to do is say what you want and watch your event come to life.


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