Enjoy the Summer with a BBQ Party!

Summer Calls for BBQ Parties There’s nothing quite like a good BBQ in the summertime. The weather is perfect, and so is the produce. It is the ideal time to combine your grilling skills [...]

Green Invitations

Buy 100% PCW (post – consumer waste) recycled invitations that are processed without chlorine. Encourage guests to recycle their invitations, or have seeds embedded in the paper so that [...]

First Dance… Make it Special

“Do not hold onto each other’s hands when doing an underarm turn!” Avoid grasping tightly to each other’s hands when performing an underarm turn. Both sexes are equally [...]

Wedding Decor Checklist

Take the following into consideration when choosing and creating your wedding decor: Color Scheme Available Space No. of Guests Mood/Theme Time of Year Time of Day Location/Setting Family [...]

Let Guests Vote

A great way to include your guests in your wedding day plans is to put up a poll on your website and let them vote on certain aspects of the day. We know one couple that asked their guests to [...]

Seating Chart Tips

Escort Cards The most common way that escort cards are displayed is as tent cards on a table at the entrance to the reception space. A fun and unique way to display the cards is on an eye [...]

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