Decorate Your Wedding Tent to Enhance Intimacy and Romance

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An outdoor wedding ceremony in Colorado can give you 360 degrees of gorgeous views, but when you plan an outdoor wedding, you are also a slave to the elements. The most significant variable of an outdoor wedding is the weather. You may think that a tent will block the view, but there is a multitude of wedding tents that can add to the design and the overall feeling of your wedding. Here’s how your wedding tent can enhance intimacy and romance to your wedding.

Incorporating the Wedding Tent into Your Wedding Design

Decorating your wedding tent

Create intimacy and romance with lighting.

The wedding tent is often the first impression that your guests will have of your wedding. Find a wedding tent that will enhance your wedding design. Here are creative ways to decorate your wedding tent to create a romantic and intimate setting for your wedding.

Shape and Size of Your Wedding Tent

There are practical elements that need to be considered, like the shape and the size of your wedding tent. Once you know that you can fit everyone underneath, it’s time to think about how the style of the tent will elevate the theme and atmosphere of your wedding. You can have more simple, toned down tents with a classically raised roof of the Navi Trac Tent and Frame Tent, or the simple, elegant center peak of the Pole Tent. Then there are the more dramatic and grand wedding tents that add just a bit more pomp and circumstance, like the Tidewater Pole Tent and Canopy Tents that feature swooping peaks and soft curves.

Hiding the Frame

As beautiful as our tents are all by themselves, there are plenty of tricks of the trade for elevating the effect of your wedding tent. All tents are going to be raised using a frame or metal structure. Metal poles are not always befitting your wedding design. Hide the tent frame using soft, cascading drapery. You’ll be amazed at the romantic and intimate effect this will have on your tent.

Decorating wedding tent

Soft, cascading drapery from top to bottom can add intimacy and romance to your wedding tent.

Use Greenery

Don’t let the tent take away from the surrounding nature. Use greenery and other natural elements to decorate your tent. By taking a cue from the colors and textures of the Colorado landscape, you are creating a beautiful transition from the outdoors to the inside of the tent, while incorporating the elements that made you choose this outdoor location in the first place. If the weather permits, keep the sides of the tent open, allowing for the scenery to shine through.


Romantic drapery and floral arrangements adorning the frame of your tent will increase the intimacy, and you can make it even more special with enchanting and charming lighting like fairy lights and chandeliers. Use lighting to create a picturesque wedding tent from the inside and out.

Rustic, Retro, and Romantic

Wedding tent rentals

The sailcloth top allows the light to break through, creating a stunning visual.

What’s the point of an outdoor wedding if you’re going to block out nature with a wedding tent. We’ve got the perfect solution for an outdoor wedding tent that will want to capture the essence of an organic and rustic wedding — the Tidewater Sailcloth Pole Tent featuring extended height wooden side pole. The wooden side pole blends perfectly with the surrounding nature, and the glamorous sailcloth top catches the light, letting it glow through the material to create a stunning visual inside and out. The sailcloth top is delicate and picturesque, while still giving you the protection you need from the elements.

RC Events specializes in wedding tent rentals. Tents protect from both the heat and the damp, as well as add a wonderful degree of ambiance to a daytime or evening event. Talk to us about the right tent for your wedding.


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