Turning Your Company Meeting into a Memorable Event

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A corporate meeting can be many things, but it definitely should be memorable.

3 Ways To Make Your Next Corporate Meeting Stand Out

A lot of planning goes into large corporate meetings, and high expectations come with it. These are important events for any company, and they are meant to make an impact on their collaborators, but they can often end up being kind of blah. Instead of following a standard approach to a company meeting, many things can be done to make it into an event that will stand out, and be remembered long after it’s over. Here are some simple tips that can help you make that happen:

Clearspan Structure Tent

Clearspan Structure Tent

Invite Inspirational Speakers

Make room in your agenda for thought-provoking special guests that add an extra oomph to your event. Think of people that can contribute with a stimulating talk that relates to your event goals, promotes participation, and enriches the overall experience.

Fuel Your Audience with Great Food

Food is a critical component of any event, even more so during corporate meetings. During these long meetings or conferences your audience needs to restock their energy reserves throughout the day, so they can focus and take advantage of all the great information that is being shared. Lots of pastries or high sugar foods won’t get you the results you want. On the contrary, they are not filling and could affect focus. Instead, plan to serve a balanced menu that includes snacks throughout the day. It can be simple, delicious and nutritious enough to keep your audience fueled from start to finish.

Get Out of the Office

Taking things outside can make the whole experience a lot more interesting. Plus, being in a different environment can help boost creativity. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and change the four walls you’re usually surrounded for something more open, especially if you’re planning an event for a huge crowd.

Our Clearspan Structure tent is HUGE and perfect for corporate meetings and festivals; there’s a fun idea for a company party.  It is the largest tent in Northern Colorado and probably all of Wyoming, and it doesn’t need any center poles thanks to its self-supporting frame. So, you can fully take advantage of all the space to set up a stage, lighting, flooring and anything else you might need, definitely a must-have element for an unforgettable corporate meeting.


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