Your Wedding Tent Size Affects Flow and Ambiance

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With the right wedding tent, you can get married in the middle of a field, surrounded by miles and miles of vast open landscape, yet still feel cozy and intimate inside a white, elegant wedding tent. Tents allow you to incorporate the best of the outdoors – like the colors, textures, and aromas, while still protecting you from the less desirable elements – like wind, rain, or sunshine.  The size of your wedding tent also plays a big part in the flow and ambiance of your wedding.Right size wedding tent

Right tent size

If you’re having your wedding under the roof of one big beautiful wedding tent, with all the fixings – formal dinner service, bar, stage, and dance floor – we recommend that you allow for at least 15 – 18 sq. ft. per person. That will give everyone enough to mingle, move, and get into the groove on the dance floor. Too little room will make the tent feel stuffy and claustrophobic. A tent that is too small will also lead to everyone bumping into each other. You want your guests to be close, but not that close. Plus, if there is too little room to move, you’re looking at a lot more spills, and no one is interested in that when they’re wearing their best wedding outfits.

Flow and ambiance

The trick to choosing the right size wedding tent is to make it big enough to allow guests room to move about, but not so big that you lose a sense of intimacy and togetherness. The size isn’t the only thing that will impact the ambiance of your wedding. The structure of the tent can also mess up your plans for how to decorate the tent, so be sure to check out all the various wedding tent styles.

Poles and frames

Every tent has a unique way of being raised using poles or a frame. Some frame tents are used to give you a little bit of shade and cover, like pop-up tents. Pop-up tents and canopy tents are perfect for a festival style outdoor wedding, where you create small stations for various activities – bar, food stations, dancing, eating, or other fun wedding elements.

Then there are the frame and pole tents that come in various sizes and set-ups. Pole tents and frame tents are like mini-castles that can be set up just about anywhere. With beautiful curves and peaks, these wedding tents are beautiful all on their own and create wonderful visuals for any style of wedding. One thing to consider with the various pole tents is where the poles are placed. Some will have poles in the middle of the tent, which can throw off your layout. Other tents won’t use the center poles, giving you a more open and free space to decorate without obstructions.

How big should your wedding tent be

The size of your wedding tent will affect the flow and ambiance.

Clear or solid

The material used for the tent can make the tent feel bigger or smaller. A tent with a clear top can make an intimate tent setting feel more spacious and open. A sailcloth tent can add movement and romance with the soft, draped sailcloth creating a fairytale-like atmosphere.

Rent a wedding tent

There is nothing we can’t cover with our large selection of tents, plus we have the most years of tent rental experience in the region. We will ensure your every need is met and your tents are set up safely.


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