Three Benefits of the Sweetheart Wedding Table

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One of the most anxiety-inducing wedding decisions you have to make is the seating chart. When you are mixing friends and families, you are bound to run into some conflicting personalities. People will also be secretly vying for the top spots in your wedding, and that includes sitting at the head table. With complicated and colorful family relations, choosing who sits at those coveted spots next to the couple at the head table can be an impossible puzzle to solve. The sweetheart table is the perfect solution to avoiding hurt feelings on your wedding day.

Avoid the head table headache

Sweetheart TableThe sweetheart table is not just one of the hottest wedding trends, but it can help you avoid some real problems at your wedding. The modern family today usually consists of several parents and multiple siblings. Then there are your best friends. It can be hard to accommodate everyone, especially if the wedding party is larger than your head table will allow. The number one benefit of choosing a sweetheart table is that you avoid the headache of figuring out who gets to sit at the head table.

Give yourself some breathing room

It’s your wedding; you’re going to be the center of attention from start to finish. You’re also dealing with nerves and butterflies. A wedding is a wonderful, but emotional rollercoaster. Having a sweetheart table will allow you and your new spouse a little room to breathe and take in the wedding. Many couples feel like they don’t get a chance to sit back and take it all in, the sweetheart table will allow you to do just that.Head table styles

Don’t shy away from the spotlight

The sweetheart style table can make you feel like you are on display, but that’s the point! It’s your wedding; you can’t get away from the spotlight. Instead of trying to avoid the spotlight, embrace it! It also makes for a better visual for speeches. People who want to do a toast, speech, poem, song, or interpretive dance can come up to the sweetheart table, allowing everyone to get a good view of both the person speaking and the couple’s reaction.

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