Enjoy the Summer with a BBQ Party!

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Summer Calls for BBQ Parties

There’s nothing quite like a good BBQ in the summertime. The weather is perfect, and so is the produce. It is the ideal time to combine your grilling skills with some great summer attitude, celebrating the season with family and friends with great food!

Planning a BBQ party doesn’t have to be complicated, and the final result is always so much fun. Here are some tips to help you put together an excellent summer event.

All Hands on Deck

BBQ parties are the type of event you can certainly plan on your own, but the logistics do get a bit trickier when you want to extend an invitation to a large crowd. Hiring an event planner will ensure everything turns out as expected —or even better than that! ?

No Grill, No Problem!

You don’t need to go out and buy a grill at the last minute. You could just rent a grill and make your life much easier. Check out our collection of food preparation rentals. You will find everything you need for your summer party, from BBQ grills to pans and sheets and even specialty items, like propane grills.

Pole Tent RentalsGet Set Up Under a Tent

Summer is a lovely season, but it can get HOT! Tent rentals are the perfect way to make this an enjoyable event for everyone. They provide enough space for you to make your grilling station comfortable and give everyone room to sit, eat, or hang out while being sheltered from the harsh summer sun. Just pick the one that adjusts to your needs the best, or reach out to our team of experts if you need any advice.

Cover the Details with Party Rentals

When you think of BBQ, it is easy to focus only on the food and forget about all the other essential details, and you end up scrambling around trying to borrow chairs from all your friends or family at the last minute so that you can offer to seat for all your guests. In addition to food —and chairs, there are many other important things you will need, like decorations, tables, flatware, etc. Party rentals will save you time, money, and headaches as you plan your BBQ party.


Just call the pros to help you out and avoid missing any of the details that will make your summer event a success!


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