Steps to Plan an End-of-Summer Party

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It’s Not Too Late to Throw a Summer Party

Sunshine, blue skies, and a cool summer breeze. That is all you need to get into the party mode.

It is not too late to throw a fantastic backyard wine-tasting, beer tasting, or cocktail party. Or, you can focus on the food and create a concept around BBQ and hamburgers, or fresh vegetables, colorful salads, and delicious natural drinks. Whichever your theme idea is, here are some things to help you start planning and have a successful summer party:

Plan the Food Menu

The people you will invite may influence the type of food you serve. Be aware of any dietary restrictions your guests may have so that you can have options for everyone.

Prep the Food and Decoration in Advance

Planning ahead of time can alleviate stress. It also gives you space to deal with unpredicted scenarios.

Add Extra Seating

Usually, not all people are seated at once, but you need to make sure that most people have the option to sit or stand at their choosing, without feeling tired.

Get Guests Involved in DYI Crafts

It can be as simple as having a delicious and colorful toppings section for an ice cream sundae. Another idea could be setting out small spritz bottles filled with water and providing options to add a little scent to them, like peppermint, orange peel, lemons, and cucumbers for your guests to create a mist to keep themselves cool throughout the event.

Keep a Big Cooler Handy

Warm drinks during a summer party may kill the vibe. So, make sure to have a cooler around for beverages, and for keeping some of the food cool.

lights hanging from ceilingBe Ready to Fight Bugs

You could choose to have bug spray available or plants like lavender, mint, rue, and tansy, as natural insect repellents. That is an extra detail that your guests would appreciate.

Keep Kids Entertained

If you are going to have kids around, include fun activities for them to enjoy and have a blast while adults relax and rest.

Create a Summer Soundtrack

This is super fun and easy with apps like Spotify. So, investigate and choose your favorite songs depending on the mood and people you are catering.

Let There Be Light and Keep Guests Comfy

If you’re planning a party that will go from day to night, then make sure you have lights or hang them from the trees, alongside with a basket of blankets or cozy pashminas. This way, when the sun goes down, your guests will feel welcome to stay.


We have all the things you need to make this party a success. Just contact us if you need some help.



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