How to Set Up a Great Bar for Your Event

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Setting Up a Great Bar

There are many details to consider when planning an event, but two of the main things are the food and the bar. The food tends to be an attention hoarder, but the bar can sometimes fade into the background. However, the bar is one of the most visited areas at any event, so it should get the attention it deserves.

Here are some tips to help you set up the perfect bar for your next event:

Choose Your Type of Bar

Depending on the type of event you’re hosting, you could have an open bar or a cash bar. Open bars allow your guests to get unlimited drinks for free or for a flat fee per person. Cash bars, on the other hand, work pretty much like a regular bar, where guests will pay for each drink they order. You could also find creative ways to offer a bar even if you have a tight budget, like hosting only beer and wine, using tickets to limit the number of drinks consumed and other ideas. That will depend on the type of event. You could do that at a company meeting or conference but probably not at a wedding.

How to set up a bar at your next eventConsider the Size of Your Crowd

When it comes down to bar size, what matters is how many people you’re expecting to come to your event. If you’re hosting an event for a large crowd, you’re probably going to need a large bar so you can fit different types of alcohol and even non-alcoholic drinks. You could also consider having multiple standard-sized bars.


Bar areas are usually pretty crowded. Analyzing your floor plan is essential when deciding on the best place for your bar. The last thing you want is for the bar to block an entrance or conflict with other heavy traffic areas, like a dance floor. Having multiple bars is an excellent solution for large crowds because it helps divide traffic into different areas, allowing for better flow.


With a little planning, you can turn your bar into a focal point at any event. Or reach out to a team of professional event planners in your area, like RC Events. We will make sure your event turns out exactly as you dreamed.


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