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How to Use Party Rentals to Create an Unforgettable Picnic

Summer is the perfect time for picnics. They are a fun way to take advantage of this nice weather which will be gone before we know it.

Even if it’s just you and your friends and family, a blanket and some sandwiches, it’s great, but what if you could really amp it up and make it an unforgettable event? Party rentals are a simple way to enhance your picnic, whether it’s a family/friend reunion or a company event.

Provide Comfortable Seating with Picnic Tables

Sitting on the floor is nice but after a while —once your legs get numb— you wish you had a comfortable place to sit. Picnic tables are the most appropriate option for this scenario and can provide comfort to your guests without taking away the picnic feel.

Shelter Your Guest from the Weather with Canopies

Even though we spend 9 months of the year wishing for sunshine, it’s always nice to have a little shade you can rest under. Canopies or tent rentals can complement the look of your picnic while making it easy to set up an area for your guests to hang out comfortably.

Young man eating cotton candyCreate a Festive Vibe with a Snack Stand

Wherever there is a concession stand, it feels like a party. Setting up a spot with a cotton candy or a popcorn machine will add a nostalgic element to your event and ensure it stays on everyone’s mind for years to come.

Bring Your BBQ Game to the Party

What’s a summer event without BBQ? Since you’ve chosen this season to host a picnic, you might as well go big or go home. Bring a grill along with your grilling skills to turn this into an all-American summer event.


Party rentals offer such an easy way to get everything you need for your event, even a picnic. Whether you need china, flatware, glassware or anything else, when you choose party rentals you can relax knowing that they will make your life much, much easier.


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